Songs in the Machan repertoire
A clown’s heart                                   J. Jones/A. Prosser/I. Telfer
A good friend                                      A. Palmer
A working life                               B. Springsteen                      
Across the great divide                 G. Watkins
Angel from Montgomery                 J. Prine                
Arrogance, ignorance & greed     S. Knightley                       
Back in Durham Jail                        J. Lowe
Ballad of Ned Kelly                        T. Lucas
Baton rouge                                       G. Clark                               
Belfast mill                                         S. Khan/F. Furey                     
Bellringing song                               Traditional
Bells of Rhymney                              Traditional 
Boats to build                                    G. Clark
Bold Riley                                            Traditional                              
Bon temps rouler                             G. Watkins                         
Born at the right time                    B. Mitchell                          
Chance                                                 S. Adamson/M. Brzezicki
Captain swing                                   G. Moore
Class of 73                                         S. Knightley  
Claudy banks                                     Traditional                     
Coal town days                                 J. Lowe 
Cold, haily, windy night                  Traditional                     
Come from the heart                      R. Leigh/S. Clark
Connection                                          J. Clachan            
Constellations                                    J. Johnson                          
Country life                                         Traditional
Creel                                                Traditional                        
Deeper well                                        D. Olney
Deportee                                             W. Guthrie                               
Dimming of the day                        R. Thompson                    
Don’t forget about me                   N. Griffith
Fakenham fair                                   Traditional                           
Farewell Finisterre                            I. Telfer
Floods of South Dakota                 T. O'Brien                            
Foggy, foggy dew                              Traditional
Galway farmer                                   S. Knightley  
Grey funnel line                                C. Tawney
Hal-an-tow                                         Traditional


Heart of Saturday night                 T. Waits
Here's the tender coming              Traditional    
I’m no stranger to the rain           K. Whitley
I know my love                                   Traditional
I want to see the Bright lights      R. Thompson
Jack of all trades                Traditional/John Clachan               
John Ball                                              S. Carter
John Barleycorn                                Traditional                               
Killing the blues                                R. Salley
Last train                                             S. Accrington
Let union be                                        Traditional
Man of constant sorrow                 Traditional
Midnight on the water                    R. Kavana
Miner’s life                                          Traditional
Mist on the water                             J. Clachan
Moving on song                                 E. MacColl/P. Seeger
Old bones                                            J. Lowe
Old brown shoes                               J. Clachan
On a Monday morning                   TBC
One hand on the radio                  B. Caddick
Outside track                                 Lawson/Hallom
Rose of England                             N. Lowe 
Saints and sinners                           D Francey
Scarlet town                                       Traditional
Seven curses                                      B. Dylan
Skewball                                              Traditional
Smuggling song                                R. Kipling
Someplace far away                       H. Ketchum
Stuff that works                                G. Clark
Time to ring some changes          R. Thompson
Thousands or more                          Traditional
Together alone                                   TBC      
Tolpuddle man                                   G. Moore
Tom paine's bones                           G. Moore
Too much                                       G. Clark
True love knows no season           N. Blake
Wall of death                                     R. Thompson
Wassail song                                      Traditional
What you do with......                         R. Bailey 
When I get to the border               R. Thompson
Ye Jacobites by name                     R. Burns
You ain’t goin' nowhere                 B. Dylan
Young banker                                    Traditional

Tunes in the Machan repertoire
Amalgamation                                    Traditional
Blackbird                                              Traditional
Bonaparte's retreat                          Traditional
C16 Dance tunes                               Traditional
Dennis Murphy's polka                  Traditiona
Girl who broke my heart                 Traditional
Hewlett                                            Traditional
Li'l king of everything                     Los Lobos
Morning star                                       Traditional
Scottish set (Highland pibroch/                      Traditional
   Arran boat/Mull of the mountains)
Trip to Paris set                             Traditional
Wind that shakes the barley          Traditional
Whitby waltz                                       D. Shires
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