Gigs & Live Appearances
 Sunday,  20th January 2019 - 6.00pm to 9.00pm - free entry
                        'The Barley Mow'
                    12 Pikes Hill, Epsom, Surrey
                   KT17 4EA (tel: 01372-721044
 Thursday,  31st January 2019 - 8.00pm to 10.30pm - free entry
                    'The Queen Adelaide'
272 Kingston Road, Ewell, Surrey
                      KT19 0SH (tel: 020 8393 2666)

  ** John C. + band will be playing from 9.45pm to 10.30pm**

 Monday,  11th February 2019 - 8.00pm to 10.30pm - free entry
     'The Rising Sun'
                      14 Heathcote Road, Epsom, Surrey
                        KT18 5DX (tel: 01372-740809)


  Sunday,  17th March 2019 - 6.00pm to 9.00pm - free entry
'The Barley Mow'
                    12 Pikes Hill, Epsom, Surrey
                   KT17 4EA (tel: 01372-721044)

N ews
 Nov 2018

  The CD launch in July went well, with over 60 friends giving their 
  support. It was great to have Emily playing with us and the
  glorious weather meant we could play to those in the garden as
  well as those in the pub. We played many tracks from the new
  CD and even sold a few as well!   

  Both the September and November 'Barley Mow' folk nights went
  well, with a good turnout. Phil, the landlord has already booked
  in 6 more evenings for 2019! Keeping to the same format of a
  Sunday night - 6.00pm to 9.00pm - alternate months from
  January onwards. 

  November has been busy with some private gigs in addition to
  the residency and some Riotous Brothers gigs too.

  Earlier this year John M. started a new 'Open Mic.' venture on
  the last Thursday of each month (called the Shindig), at 'The
  Queen Adelaide' pub in Ewell, which has been really popular and
  works well with spots doing two numbers each, with an extended
  set given over to one act for the last 45 minutes. Having
  completed my own solo project this year (the CD 'Post Modern
  Man'), made up of all self-written songs, John has offered me
  the January 2019 extended slot to present songs from the CD.  

  The current plan is to play the songs with drum and bass
  backing (Ronnie Laing & Mark Mullins) and John M. adding flute
  throughout - which is an exciting prospect for me and
  practising is already underway!

  Other than all that, Machan are currently working on an
  assortment of new songs to add to the repertoire (which now
  stands at 100 numbers), so there's no chance of things getting
  stale!! We're also still regularly supporting the Rusty Rovers
  'Open Mic.' night each month at 'Swail House', Epsom. Long may
  it continue.
 Jul 2018
  Much of the last few months has been spent mixing tracks for 
  the new forthcoming CD, which is now completed and will see
  the light of day at the July 'Barley Mow' gig. The CD launch will
  coincide with the annual 'Barley Mow Beer Festival' where they
  have a number of barrels of real ale and usually a few ciders

  The CD will be called 'Connection' and we're pleased to say 
  Emily Pettet joins us throughout on violin.
 Mar  2018
  The two January gigs went well with very good support, despite
  inclement weather! Thanks go to DFC for giving us a warm
  welcome for our first folk club gig, which we thoroughly 
  enjoyed, and the January 'Barley Mow' night had a fantastic
  atmosphere - warm and candlelit inside......cold and rainy
  Machan were asked to play at 'The Rising Sun' in Epsom, in early
  March, this was to be their first venture into 'live' music. The
  music seemed to go down well and we've been asked back on 
  the 21st April to give the 'Riotous Brothers' a try out!!  
  Heavy snow and icy cold weather on the March 'Barley Mow' gig
  didn't put off over thirty Machan supporters from braving the
  elements and joining us for another enjoyable evening! More
  than one of us was rather hoping for a 'lock in'!!
 Jan  2018
  Many apologies for not updating the website in 2017! Here
  is a brief resume of what happened to Machan during the
  We launched our 1st CD in December 2016 at the Epsom
  Common Club. Thanks to the 40 + friends who came
  along to hear live renditions of all the tracks on the CD!
  We were then offered a bi-monthly residency at the
  Barley Mow in Epsom on Sunday evenings from 6.00pm
  to 9.00pm. This proved to be very successful, building
  from an audience of 14 on the first night to between 40
  and 50 by November.
  Music at the Epsom Common Club came to a halt during
  the year, as it closed for a re-fit, but the last Machan gig
  at the venue, in March, saw us joined for the first time by
  wonderful fiddle player, Emily Pettet.  Emily joined us again
  for the Barley Mow 'Beer Festival' in July and once more,
  later in the year, at the Sunday folk evenings.
  When advertised as Machan, we expect to be only the two
  Johns performing. When we know Emily will be playing
  with us, we will advertise as Machan:Pettet.
  We have continued to support the Rusty Rovers at their
  monthly 'open mic.' evenings throughout 2017 and these
  are great musical occasions.  John M. has even been
  draughted into the 'Rusties', a few times during the year,
  to fill in for absent members!
  As we start 2018 we look forward to our first full gig at a
  folk club which will be on the 17th January at the Dorking
  Folk Club. We have a further 6 gigs booked at the Barley
  Mow, continuing our Sunday folk evenings residency.
  Finally, we are currently working on our 2nd CD on which
  we'll be joined throughout by Emily, this will hopefully be
  ready later on this year - watch this space!

  Machan History    

            Machan played two traditional songs at the 'Rusty
            Rovers' open mic. night. The evening regularly          
            attracts over 40 people now and as many as 14 acts
            are performing each month!
16/10 - We are very pleased with our new P.A. and are
               getting the sound we really want after a few runs
               out  at 'Riotous Brothers' gigs. We're looking forward
               to using it for our 'Machan' Barley Mow gig at the
              end of this month.
16/10 - We have been working hard over the summer
               months to complete the recording of our first CD
               'Mach 1'. John M. has finished the mixing and we're
               planning on presenting/releasing the work of art at
               our December gig at the ECWM Club......just in time
               for Christmas!!

Jun - Sep 2016
          A busy 4 months which meant I haven't kept the site
          updated I'm afraid. Here's a resume:                   
18/6 - The Rusty Rovers/Machan double header was a real
            success and we have a fantastic triple DVD of the 
            event to remember it by. There are some spare copies 
            if  anyone wants to buy one; at £5.00 for the set it's a
            real snip!
13/7 - John & I really enjoyed our showcase set at the
             Dorking Folk Club. This was our first unamplified gig;
             thanks to DFC for giving us the opportunity.
24/7 - Our Sunday afternoon gig at the Barley Mow's Beer 
             Festival was all we could have asked for - the weather
             was fine and people were able to sit in the garden to
             listen, as well as in the pub itself. There was a magical
             atmosphere and a good crowd. We'll be back there in
May 2016
5/5 - The May 'Rusty Rovers' folk jam night was well 
           attended and Machan tried out another 3 songs.
           Maybe time to re-visit some favourites in future
           rather than continually introducing new songs?
8/5 - Machan's 2nd gig at the 'Railway Guard' which turned
           out to be a brilliant evening, despite trepidition on
           arrival when we found a 60th birthday party in full
           swing! Thanks to the 30+ friends who came along to
           see us and sing-a-long to the new 'chorus cards'
           which we introduced for the first time!
12/5 - Machan and the Rusty Rovers got together for a
             practice and to sort out the PA requirements for
             their double-header in June. It's all sounding really
21/5 - There was a good turn out for Machan's charity event
              at The Wheatsheaf, Ewell. We tried out a lot of new
              material and received lots of good feedback - we've
              got 80 songs in the repertoire now and it's getting
              difficult to choose which ones to leave out!
April 2016
 7/4 - Machan play at the April 'Rusty Rovers' folk jam
            night playing 2 folk numbers and a song from the
            'RBs' song list to advertise their gig at the ECWM Club
            on the 9th.
 9/4 - Machan's double-header with the Rusty Rovers at 
            ECWM Club has now been confirmed for Saturday,
            18th June.
March 2016
 3/3 - A really good night with the 'Rusty Rovers'. Machan
             performed 4 new songs (22 songs now without
             repetition), two traditional and two contemporary.
24/3 - Machan spent the day running through songs in
             repertoire not yet sung out live. Current song
             list stands at over 60.
28/3 - Machan get together with the Rusty Rovers for a
              a test run of joint material in preparation for the
              proposed double-header later in the year - date tbc.
F ebruary 2016 
4/2 - Machan played 4 songs at the Rusty Rovers folk jam
           night, including three brand new ones, 'A clown's heart',
            'Man of constant sorrow' and 'Let union be'. An
            excellent night as the club goes from strength to
5/2 - The double-header is on hold for the time being while
            Ronnie (from the Rusty Rovers) recovers from an
10/2 - Machan have been booked by the 'Barley Mow', 
             Epsom, to play on the Sunday afternoon of 24th
             July as part of their beer festival weekend.
20/2 - Machan played their first gig at the 'Railway Guard'
             Epsom. What a night...... thanks to everybody who
             came along and helped us launch the new duo to a
             packed audience. Thanks also for the wonderful
             feedback from everyone - can't wait for the next gig!
21/2 - The 'Railway Guard' has booked Machan for a return
             gig on the 8th May. This is a Sunday evening which is
             generally a quieter time in the pub and may make it
             more comfortable for people who might come along -
             yesterday was very busy.
22/2 - Machan plan to play at the next 'Rusty Rovers' folk
             jam night on the 3rd March.
January 2016
                                                                                                                        8/1 - There is a proposal in the air to put on a double-
            header show with the 'Rusty Rovers' and 'Machan' at
            the Epsom Common Working Men's club on a
            Saturday evening about March/April time, watch this
            space for more news.    
                                                                                                                   10/1 - Machan are planning to perform at the next
            'Rusty Rovers' folk jam on 4th February 2016; they
             have played 14 songs there so far, since November,
            and have yet to repeat one - how long can they keep
            that up?
                                                                                                                        15/1 - Machan are currently working on material for
             their debut gig which is booked for the 20th February
             2016 at the 'Railway Guard', Epsom.
                                                                                                                   21/1 - Dorking Folk Club have booked Machan for one of
             their 'Showcase' evenings on 13th July 2016. They
             will be playing a 45 minute set, with another act
             taking the first or second half of the same evening.

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